Miss Velvet Steele

Miss Velvet Steele is an enthusiastic educator who believes that knowledge is power. Continuing to look closely at these things we do and what drives us strengthens our capabilities and relationships.  Velvet enjoys the opportunity to facilitate these conversations.  Below is a list of her current offerings. 

Please contact her if you are interested in a topic not listed.

Building Your Kinky Character Sheet

You know you’re an expert flogger, or perhaps tea service is your jam; but have you considered how your own unique mixture of background, experiences, and personality traits are part of what you have to offer?  Have you ever thought about how these combine with our values, skills, and life obligations to form our kink identity?  In this class, we will use the paradigm of the character sheet to help us take a look at how the elements of our personal foundation inform our availability as a partner and community member.


Orchestrating Your Scene: Idea to Execution

Like orchestrating a piece of music, developing an idea into a scene involves both creative and pragmatic considerations that can impact the end experience for all of the players involved.  Open negotiation, crafting the scene, preparation, plan execution, aftercare, and postmortem each play their part in meeting everyone’s needs.  In this class, we will explore some of the elements that can go into preparing  and making your scene uniquely yours to pluck the strings of your partner(s)' ego and emotions.

Personal Empowerment:  Do You Have It?

Being empowered and having agency are key elements in having satisfaction and fulfillment in our everyday lives. There are many paths to personal empowerment, a few of which can be found in the exploration of BDSM.  Together we will explore  Domination and how its motivations and underpinnings stem from and build personal empowerment.

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