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I Am A Passionate Writer, Presenter, & Sex Coach in Training

A longtime kinkster exploring both sides of the slash, Miss Velvet Steele (she/her) has come to identify primarily as a dominant, heteroflexible, cisgender Leatherwoman with a penchant for electricity, scalpels, and needles. Miss Velvet has a wide range of life experience that helps her feel at home in a variety of environments, from the boardroom to the opera to the dungeon and everything in between.  She encourages curiosity, values individuals’ contributions, and expects high standards.

Committed to serving her community, Miss Velvet currently serves on the board of NLA-Dallas, volunteers for the Mentors Program, is on staff for the NLA-Dallas NewsLeather, and is part of the Beyond Vanilla planning committee. As an educator, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others and believes in taking a holistic approach to BDSM play that addresses the needs of the whole self beyond one’s kinky desires.

Miss Velvet Steele

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