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A longtime kinkster exploring both sides of the slash, Miss Velvet Steele (she/her) has come to identify primarily as a queer dominant Leatherwoman with a penchant for scalpels, needles, and deep conversations.  This site is a safe place for questions and answers for all those who seek to explore their inner world.  Open the closet door, pull up a chair and join us as we frankly discuss the mundane, the kinky, and everything in between!

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My Place of Discovery

Dear Miss Velvet started as a BDSM/Leather Lifestyle friendly open format to approach questions and uncertainty in an informed and healthy manner. 

Thoughtful responses on every subject.

Discussion involving aspects of the lifestyle can and do go into every avenue and facet of life.  From pleasure to pain, fear to titillations - there seems to be nothing the mind doesn’t wonder about!  Open the door and have a seat!  Let’s talk about such things and more!



Why do people like to be tied and bound?



I can't give up my control, it feels like ANYTHING could go wrong and I couldn't stop it.


Feeling Safe

Do you feel safest, when doing something you would never have thought you would?


Head Space

Do you recognize when your in a headspace? Is there really Top/sub-space? What is "Drop"?

Miss Velvet Steele
Miss Velvet Steele

Ask Your questions

There are questions and then there are Questions, the difference being what they mean to you and if you’re truly looking to find and hear an answer from another's point of view. Whatever advice you are seeking, Miss Velvet will make sure you love it, even when you don’t like it.

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